Mario Luiz Chizzotti

Assistant teacher
1D CNPq Scholarship

Academic Background:
Ds. In Ruminants Production, UFV (2007)
MSc. in Production of Ruminants, UFV (2004)
Animal Science, UFV (2002)

Areas of expertise:
Animal Husbandry / Production
Animal Husbandry / Animal Husbandry
Zootecnia / Growth Physiology and Quality of Meat

Publications: Lattes / ResearchGate

>>Meat Science Laboratory
>>Teaching Unit Research and Extension in Precision Animal Science (UEPE-ZP)

Under-graduate courses:
ZOO 429 – Productive chain of meat, skin and leather

Graduate courses:
ZOO 729 – Physiology of Animal Growth and Meat Quality

Phone: +55 031 3612-4641

Recent Publications:


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