Polyana Pizzi Rotta

Assistant Professor

Academic Training
Ds. in Production and Nutrition of Ruminants, UFV (2015)
MSc. in Production and Nutrition of Ruminants, UFV (2012)
Animal Science, UEM (2009)

Areas of expertise
Dairy Production & Nutrition / Nutrition & Feeding

Publications:  Lattes / ResearchGate

Under-graduate Disciplines
ZOO 426 – Milk Cattle
ZOO 436 – Milk Cattle Production
ZOO 484 – Management and Nutrition of Milk Cattle

Graduate Courses
DZO 627 – Topics in Dairy Cattle

+55 (31) 3612-4651 / 994491703

Publicações Recentes

ROCHA, L. G. ; PINHEIRO, J. S. ; ANDRADE, D. ; ROTTA, P. P. ; REZENDE, J. ; PIRES, A. ; MARCONDES, M. I. . Unveiling unstable non-acid incidence in Holstein cows fed with corn silage or sugarcane. JOURNAL OF DAIRY SCIENCE, 2022.

VILLANOVA, D. F. Q. ; MARCONDES, M. I. ; RENNO, L. N. ; CORREA, P. V. F. ; MORAIS, V. C. ; CUNHA, C. S. ; SILVA, T. D. A. ; SILVA, A. L. ; MILLER-CUSHON, E. ; ROTTA, P. P. . Intake, performance, and feeding behavior of Holstein and Holstein x Gyr heifers grazing intensively managed tropical grasses during the rainy season. Animal, 2022.

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SILVA, R. R. ; Silva, Fabiano Ferreira ; PRADO, Ivanor Nunes Do ; ROTTA, P. P. ; RODRIGUES, L. B. O. ; PRADO, R. M. ; CARVALHO, B. M. A. ; ALBA, H. D. R. ; CARVALHO, G. G. P. . Fatty acid profile and chemical composition of meat from Nellore steers finished on pasture with different amounts of supplementation. CANADIAN JOURNAL OF ANIMAL SCIENCE, v. 101, p. xx, 2021.

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CASTRO, M. M. D. ; ALBINO, R. L. ; RODRIGUES, J. P. P. ; SGUIZZATO, A. L. L. ; SANTOS, M. M. F. ; ROTTA, P. P. ; CATON, J. S. ; MORAES, L. E. F. D. ; SILVA, F. F. ; MARCONDES, M. I. . Energy and protein requirements of Holstein × Gyr crossbred heifers. Animal, v. xx, p. 1-10, 2020.