Karina Guimarães Ribeiro

Associate Teacher III
Research Productivity Scholar 2 / CNPq

Academic education:
Post-Doctorate in Pasture Management and Conservation University of Florida, USA (2014)
Post-Doctorate in Evaluation, Production and Conservation of Forages, UFV (2010)
D.Sc. in Forage and Pasture, UFV (1999)
M.Sc. in Forage and Pasture, UFV (1995)
Animal Science, UFV (1990)

Areas of expertise:
Pasture Management and Conservation
Evaluation, Production and Conservation of Forages

Publications: Lattes / Researchgatte

Under-Graduation courses:
DZO 482 – Management and Administration in Forragicultura

Graduate courses:
DZO 650 – Forage farming

Phone: + 55 031 3612-4650
Email: karinaribeiro@ufv.br

Recent Publications:


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