In its second edition, Ideas for Milk is a national competition among entrepreneurs looking for innovative business model ideas, product, process or service based on web software, application or hardware solution that promote greater efficiency in the dairy sector. Entries can be made until 05/11 at UFV is one of the great partners of Embrapa in the program, through DZO and Professor Marcos Marcondes and Professor Polyana Pizzi Rotta.

Startups Challenge

In the event there will be the Startups Challenge, which is a National competition between entrepreneurs who have transformative proposals for the dairy industry in the country, the startup / team inscriptions can be made online, sending the proposal description and a pitch.


This is the first programming marathon among university teams, using open data from Embrapa Cattle Milk research to develop software and / or hardware projects. In each invited university, there will be a teacher indicated as “Ambassador”, its mission will be to select and to inscribe the team that will represent the institution in the competition.

Know more

What are Startups? These are early-stage companies that offer an innovative product or service – this innovative service delivery is what turns work into money. That it can be replicable – that it can deliver the same product to another customer without too many changes or customizations – and that it is scalable – that grows in revenue, without influencing the business model, and costs grow slowly.