Marcelo Teixeira Rodrigues

Holder Teacher

Academic education:
Ph.D. in Dairy Science at the University of Wisconsin – Madison (1998)
Master in Animal Science, UFV (1982)
Graduation in Agronomy, UFV (1978)

Areas of expertise:
Animal Nutrition / Ruminants (Goats)
Carbohydrate and Lipid Metabolism
Scientific Communication

Publications:  ORCID ID

>> Unit of Teaching, Research and Extension in Caprinocultura

Under-Graduate courses:
ZOO 416 – Horse-breeding

Graduate courses:

ZOO 747 – Cell Wall of Plants and Fibers in Nutrition
ZOO 748 – Carbohydrate and Lipid Metabolism
ZOO 653 – Scientific Communication

Phone: +55 031 3612-4631

Recent Publications:

Oliveira, H. R. ; SILVA, F. F. ; SIQUEIRA, O. H. G. B. D. ; SOUZA, N. O. ; JUNQUEIRA, V. S. ; RESENDE, M. D. V. ; BORQUIS, R. R. A. ; RODRIGUES, M. T. . Combining different functions to describe milk, fat, and protein yield in goats using Bayesian multiple-trait random regression models. Journal of Animal Science, v. 94, p. 1865-1874, 2016.
SILVA, Simone Pedro da ; Rodrigues, Marcelo Teixeira ; VIEIRA, Ricardo Augusto Mendonça ; SILVA, Márcia Maria Cândido da . Intake and performance simulation of goats fed exclusively tifton 85, mulberry or leucaena. Bioscience Journal (Online), v. 31, p. 859-866, 2015.
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RODRIGUES, M. T.; SOARES, Maria Amélia Menck ; ZACARO, A. A. ; SILVA, Márcia Maria Cândido da ; Garcia, O. S. R. ; MAGALHÃES, A. C. M. . Differences in the defective alleles E and F for the locus CSN1S1 in goats affects the profile of milk caseins. Small Ruminant Research, p. 47-54, 2014.

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RODRIGUES, M. T.; SILVA, F. G. ; SILVA, F. G. ; Brito, L. F. ; TORRES, R. A. ; Ribeiro Júnior, J.I. ; Oliveira, H. R. ; Caetano, G.C. . Factors that influence the test day milk yield and composition. Genetics and Molecular Research, v. 12, p. 1522-1532, 2013.

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SILVA, S. P. ; RODRIGUES, M. T. ; Vieira, R.A.M. ; SILVA, Marcia Maria Candido . In Vitro degradation kinetics of protein and carbohydrate fractions of selected tropical forages. Bioscience Journal (Online), v. 29, p. 1300-1310, 2013.